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Blackwater is a full service acquisition and servicing provider for clients investing in tax liens/tax deeds, rental property and other investment property.

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Originally founded in 2006 as a tax lien/tax deed acquisition and servicing company for institutional clients, Blackwater rapidly expanded into the acquisition and management of single family and multi-family rental property as well as other real estate investments.  We provide a complete suite of services from initial due diligence, including site inspection and BPOs or appraisals, acquisitions (auction, RFP and third-party), lien perfection and redemption, workout solutions, bankruptcy mitigation, foreclosure, fulltime and interim property rental management, and complete refurbishment or redevelopment and sale of property.

We bring over thirty years of experience covering a broad cross section of the real estate industry ranging from multi-million dollar municipal RFP evaluation and bid preparation to portfolio securitization, resolving environment issues, and working with local NGOs to enhance communities.  We also specialize in handling distressed and underperforming property.

Our mission is to acquire and/or manage real estate investments tailored to each client’s investment parameters and risk limitations.  In doing so we seek to maximize return on investment while minimizing risk and shorten resolution time on the turnaround or disposition of under and non-performing assets.

Through the use of fourth generation proprietary software we are able to efficiently track and monitor the status, profitability and history of each property and provide a full range of reporting




We perform situs inspections and where needed obtain BPOs through our established network of realtors and third-party vendors prior to purchase of tax liens.  Purchases are made via in-person and online auctions as well as municipal RFP and third-party bulk sales.  For all other investment properties we perform situs inspection, obtain full a property inspection and appraisal, and perform a complete cash flow analysis prior to purchase.


Tax lien servicing includes payment of subsequent taxes, lien perfection notifications, redemption processing, providing workout solutions and routine property monitoring. For rental and other investment property this includes property rental management, maintaining property insurance, repairs and maintenance, and compliance with state and municipal licenses and permits.  All clients are provided with a full range of monthly, quarterly and annual reports.


Through our multi-state network of tax title and real estate attorneys, together with in-house expertise, we provide for a wide range of legal services including collections, tax deed application, foreclosure, bankruptcy mitigation, eviction, zoning changes, and more.


For both REO and investment property we perform all necessary repairs to bring properties up to code as well as full restorations, pay property taxes and maintain insurance. Rental management is also provided for REO in the interim between possession and fully marketable quiet title.  Properties are marketed both through an established network of investors and traditional listings with local affiliate realtors.



Clients can choose to invest in a mix of the following classes or real estate depending upon their investment parameters and risk tolerance.

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